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templates cant be used ;/

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In progress templates cant be used ;/

Post by 0maru March 20th 2012, 6:36 am

idk y i cant use templates it brings this up when im at admin controls. "In this page, you can modify templates and change your forum look.
Modified templates are written in green.
(unpublished templates are shown red) To use the default template again, delete your template by clicking on delete.

Only templates of phpbb2 or PunBB versions will be affected.

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In progress Re: templates cant be used ;/

Post by SLGray March 20th 2012, 8:01 am

Your profile says that your forum version is phpBB 3 if that is so you will not be able to use template editing.

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templates cant be used ;/ Slgray10

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In progress Re: templates cant be used ;/

Post by Guest March 20th 2012, 3:17 pm


Only PunBB and phpBB2 versions have this advantage. If you use phpBB3 or Invision you can't accest the forum templates.

You can verify or modify your forum version from Administration Panel => Display => Skins => Choose a theme => Version.

Take into account that if you change your forum version, or just the skin of the forum you'll lost your CSS Stylesheet, images and colors from forum. But, you will not lost users, posts, or a certain statistic value, which keep into the database. Once you modified something and clicked Save button, your theme will change.

If you aren't sure in your choice you can restore your theme from Display => Skins => Themes management => Restore the skin => Restore: Here you have to choose the date, then click Restore button. Wink

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