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No activation email received

Post by Maud on March 22nd 2012, 2:36 pm

I have a forum, which I wanted to keep private. I blocked viewing for all but my members in the first forum I created in the main category. But I later added another forum and forgot to make it only available to my members. But the name of the forum, it's category and that category's forums bore no relation at all to the main subject of the forum. However a guest, who I know without doubt is also interested in the main subject of the forum, found us and made a post. I, as Admin, got an email notification that this poster had joined my forum. But I, as Admin, never got a request email from this person to join the forum. I then clicked on the register button on my own forum and joined joined under a different username. Again I never got a new member request email, but I did get one again saying that a new person had joined. I can click on a link to see my dummy profile and this other posters profile, but neither one of us are listed on the members list. Neither this uninvited new member or my dummy registration show up on the Admin Panel either.
Shouldn't I as Administrator have received email notification that someone wanted to join? And shouldn't I also have received an activation email when I wanted to join my own forum under the dummy name? Can anyone tell me what caused this glitch? Also, with this new member, I do not have the option to ban them through their profile page, but I can ban one of my members. Why is this so?

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Re: No activation email received

Post by Guest on March 22nd 2012, 3:20 pm


For banning read here:

For these another options go Administration Panel => Users & Groups => Users => Users options => Members:
You can choose the activation of new members: New accounts activation;
You can choose about the notifications: Send notify e-mail on new user registrations :;

For that category, just go to General => Forum => Categories and forums => Edit


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