What the roles does the BBS forum play in internet

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What the roles does the BBS forum play in internet

Post by sanlly11 on March 31st 2012, 11:02 am

A relationship, promote

At the beginning of BBS set up, website popularity very few, how to let more people gathered to BBS, it is necessary to mobilize your family and friends, as long as you can get to the Internet will post, all that come let together they help you propaganda, help you hair to post, maintenance BBS, more people, more powerful, the unity can succeed. Soon to be able to get together a lot of some of the people, still can increase your website's post rate, information rate.

Second, search engine

Search engine is one of the tools used Internet every day, people from all walks of life Internet users search all kinds of information, the website released to the search engine is a good method, not only can put your website is search engine included, still can obtain flow from the search engines.

Three, resources cooperation

Through the web site, content cooperation, exchange advertisements can exchange links, user resources such as cooperation way, this is about to exercise your communication skills, and cooperation between partners site traffic resources cooperation, mutual promotion, is rapidly improve the method of website traffic.

Four, information promotion

Collect some peer kind the website BBS, can adopt is bigger, the flourishing BBS, blog popularity, send some professional practical content, in the content of the web site links to write down his tail, like your hair content users will actively click on your website, eventually will see you BBS, content, strong not strong, not only professional, completes the user experience, improve your conversion rates.

Five, website promotion
Don't just look at website promotion, many personal web site of flow is the huge, at present hao123 and 265 navigation rarely included new sites, included web standards is extremely high, "general station he don't accept", so will consider a few small site stand, they are NO flow, even now small, who know the web site later not don't become NO. 1? Such a web site can be in Baidu search "site navigation" collection, find some very strong personal DaoHangZhan, submit it slowly analysis.

Six, and word-of-mouth promotion

How to realize the public praise in the website promotion, be about to use common communication tools, such as QQ, MSN, UC, etc, can take some text and the form of web site, send them to friends, chat group, etc. Also can go to some related baidu stick to the purpose of the exchange information sent some content.

Seven, summaries of profiles and news promotion

The most simple promotion summaries of profiles and news promotion one way, users like of the paper to put it into some network search hidden among the favorites, aeriform in, help you generalize the website. All you have to do is add summaries of profiles and news page code plugin code that can be. If your website can also RSS format, that add RSS subion read code, still can from some RSS web site, RSS browser to flow. As a banner nets, JiHu nets, etc. An alternative is to put the information sent to some top guest, geek, geek kind website, equal to the content on your site placed a free advertising, the result is also right. Smile

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Re: What the roles does the BBS forum play in internet

Post by Jophy on April 2nd 2012, 4:23 am


If you wish to submit a tutorial/guideline, please PM Sanket or other Moderators for us to review.

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