How do I make this?

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How do I make this?

Post by MrSixx on April 7th 2012, 4:10 pm

How do I make it to where someone registers and it redirects them to a certain thread, like the rules of the community?

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Re: How do I make this?

Post by Darren1 on April 7th 2012, 4:45 pm


This is not possible, however there is an alternative:D

This does require them to make a post unfortunately.

Create a new forum, call it, say, 'Rules'
Put your topic of Rules in there, and at the end of it, add a note to say that they are required to post and say they accept the rules in order to get the rest of the forum.
Once they post, they'll be put into a group that automatically allows them to see the rest of the forum Smile

Now, let's set that up shell we Smile

1) Lets create a group called say, 'see entire forum', at: Admin panel >> Users & Groups > Groups administration Create new.
In the options there, it has the option of 'auto subscribe', set that to YES and the number to ONE (1) set yourself as the group mod, and now save.

2) Lets set up the forum, with it's permissions.
Admin panel >> General > Categories & Forums.
Create new forum, name it say, 'Rules' and save it.
Now it gives you the options for the permissions, set them to that new group we just made 'see all forum' and save.

Now you have what you need Smile

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