Pop-Ups? Ehm.... Whaaat?

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In progress Pop-Ups? Ehm.... Whaaat?

Post by Cridosin on April 11th 2012, 11:35 pm

When you want to make an forum at https://www.forumotion.com/free-forums.htm at the lowest it says the features like unlimited members and stuff.
Then aswell it says: No annoying pop-ups Well isent that something weird that as fast i made my forum after a few hours it comes up alot of Ads everywhere?
From exempel iLivid, Travian ect.ect well that shud atleast count as an Pop-up? doesnt it and its a bit annoying? if i wish to have ads on my forum i can ask for it and get a few small coins for it so doesnt that be a lie of some kind?

No offence to anyone its just it says no Popups so im just saying whats in my mind about that.

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In progress Re: Pop-Ups? Ehm.... Whaaat?

Post by Nera. on April 12th 2012, 12:15 pm


There are adds, I don't think there are pop-up's if I'm not wrong?

You can use credits to remove the adds from your forum. AP > Misc > Buy / Obtain credits and than spend them on your adds removal.

I don't think any free forum hosting exists with no adds. Though if they annoy you much you can install an add blocker if you don't want to buy credits for they removal.

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