Advance Training in Objective-C primebit solutions Hyd

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Completed Advance Training in Objective-C primebit solutions Hyd

Post by primebit on April 19th 2012, 7:13 am

Course Name: Advance Training in Objective-C

Course Code: PBS_APP_001

Course Duration: 30 Days

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Customized it:
We can customize the course contents and course duration according to your Requirement. We can help you to identifying those needs and specifications.
Previous Programming experience with an OOP language suggested but not required.
Course Descriptions:
Objective C-2.0 Language
Compiling and Running Program
Using Codes
Explanation of first program
Lab1 Exercise

Classes, objects and methods
What is an object
Instances and methods
The @interface section
The @implementations section
The Program Section
Accessing instance variable and data encapsulation
Lab2 Exercise

Data types and expressions
Data types and constants
Arithmetic Expressions
The Type Cast operators
Assignment Operators
Bit operators
Types: _Bool, _complex, _imaginary
Lab Exercise 3

Making Decisions
The if statement
The switch statement
Boolean Variables
The Conditional Operators
Lab Exercise 4

Program Looping
The For Statement
The While Statements
The Do Statement
The break statement
The continue statement
Lab Exercise 5

More Closer Look on Class
Separate interface and implementation files
Synthesized Accessor methods
Dot operator
Multiple arguments to methods
Local Variable
The static keyword
The self keyword
Allocating and returning objects from methods
Lab Exercise 6

Base class
Extension through inheritance: Adding new methods
A point class and memory allocation
The @ class directive
Overriding methods
Dealloc method and keyword super
Extension through inheritance: Adding new instance variables
Abstract classes
Lab Exercise 7

Polymorphism, Dynamic Typing and Dynamic binding
Polymorphism: same name different class
Dynamic binding and the id type
Compile time VS runtime checking
The id data type and static typing
Exceptional handling
Lab exercise 8

More on Variables and Data Types
Initializing Classes
Scope Revisited
Storage Class Specifiers
Enumerated Data Types
The typedef Statement
Data Type Conversions
Lab Exercise 9

Categories and protocols
Composite objects
Lab Exercise 10

The preprocessor
The #define statement
The # operator
The ## operator
The #import statement
Conditional Compilation
Lab Exercise 11

Underlying C language Features
Lab Exercise 12

The Foundation Framework
Introduction to the foundation framework
Foundation Documentation

Numbers Strings and Collections
Number objects
String objects
Array objects
Synthesized Addresscard methods
Fast Enumeration
Dictionary objects
Enumerating Dictionary
Set objects
Lab Exercise 13

Manipulating Files
Managing Files and Directories: NSFile manager
Working with NSData class
Enumerating the contents of directory
Working with paths NSPathUtilities.h
Basic File Operation: NSFileHandle
Lab Exercise14

Memory Management
The Autorelease
Reference Counting
Reference Counting and String
Reference counting and instance variables
Garbage Collection
Combining Allocation and initialization
Retaining Objects
Releasing Shared Objects
Releasing instance variables
Marking objects for later release
Object Ownership
Forwarding and multiple inheritance
Surrogate objects
Forwarding and inheritance
Dynamic loading
Remote messaging
Distributed objects
Language Supports
Synchronous and asynchronous messages
Proxies and copies
Type encoding
Lab Exercise 15

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Completed Re: Advance Training in Objective-C primebit solutions Hyd

Post by Jophy on April 19th 2012, 7:17 am

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