Which is the best......forum-hit counters or live traffic feed/trackers ?

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Which is the best......forum-hit counters or live traffic feed/trackers ?

Post by bigugly11 on April 22nd 2012, 2:53 pm

To me free live traffic feed/trackers are better than free hit counters.

Free hit counters.....
The main reason for having a hit counter is to let you and your visitors know how many people have visited your page or site.
Additionally, most services offer the bare minimum, a counter, for free. If you wish to learn about your traffic in any detail, an upgrade and payment is necessary.

The drawback of hit counters is that they will not tell you how many unique visitors you have had. Nor do they always tell you the time period which has been measured. Often the data stretches back to the installation of the counter, which can be interesting, but will not help to analyze trends.

Free live traffic feeds and trackers provide much more information.....for that reason I have

remove all 'Hit Counters' from the Symposium because they did not provide the information that 'Live Traffic Feed', 'ExtremeTracking' or 'revolvermaps' provide. Check out what info they provide bellow.....

Live Traffic Feed.....[img][/img]
When you click on 'Real-time view' bottom of 'Live Traffic Feed'...you get a [img][/img]

'ExtremeTracking' .....
When you click on the 'Globe button' in 'ExtremeTracking' you get...[img][/img]

When you click on the 'revolvermaps button' that looks like this....[img][/img] ..you get...

View the above and the information needed to post them on your website @ ….

URL Removed

Bottom of the right column.

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Re: Which is the best......forum-hit counters or live traffic feed/trackers ?

Post by Sanket on April 22nd 2012, 3:08 pm

Sorry, but such random threads are not allowed here. Also, there is no need for your forum URL.


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