[Request for a Banner] Looking for a graphic artist.

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[Request for a Banner] Looking for a graphic artist.

Post by alexsolo101 on April 26th 2012, 2:25 am

I'm making a site for my hockey pool using your forums and would need a banner, since im not fond of getting one from google or making one myslef (Im inexpirienced) I have resulted into asking the people on the forum of forums.
If you choose to take on this task I thank you in advance.
Now since the banner is for a Hockey forum I would like it to be a dark blue and consist of some NHL ( National Hockey League) players.
In the middle : Ryan Miller (Goalie)
On the left: Anze Kopitar (Player)
On the right: Steven Stamkos (Player)
I would alos like it to have in a 3-D ish font ''Hockey Quebec'' and a little subtitle at the bottom that says ''We are the next generation''.
And finally I would like a background that matches the dark blue of the logo/banner...

Here is the size I would like the banner:

Thank you in advance to the person who takes on this task and if you have any question please PM me.

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Re: [Request for a Banner] Looking for a graphic artist.

Post by Mike on April 27th 2012, 2:54 am


You must fill the request form, or your request will be declined after 24 hours. Please do fill the obligatory fields.

    [color=#00A5CD][b]Nature of the Creation:[/b][/color]
    [color=#7CBA2C][b]Size (In Pixels):[/b][/color]
    [color=#00A5CD][b]With or Without Animation:[/b][/color]
    [color=#7CBA2C][b]Main Colors:[/b][/color]
    [color=#00A5CD][b]Pictures & Links:[/b][/color]
    [color=#7CBA2C][b]Text to Insert :[/b][/color]
    [color=#00A5CD][b]Font (Provide Download Link):[/b][/color]
    [color=#7CBA2C][b]Font Color:[/b][/color]
    [color=#00A5CD][b]Link to My Forumotion Forum:[/b][/color]
    [color=#7CBA2C][b]Extra Comments:[/b][/color]

Please read the rules of the Graphic Design Section! Smile


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