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Imagine Thneedville Flowered and Treed

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Imagine Thneedville Flowered and Treed Empty Imagine Thneedville Flowered and Treed

Post by AdminTedster April 29th 2012, 4:49 am

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Title: Imagine Thneedville Flowered and Treed
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Forum Description: An Intermediate to Experienced role play site. Take role players of all experience, just endeavor to give your fellow role players enough to go off of.
The Lorax. We will be staring off at the beginning of the movie, and aiming towards the same goal of Ted getting the last seed, but how we get there and exactly how easy all of that will be is up to us. Come claim cannon or create your own denizen of Thneedville or such; even having a cute little critter character is an option long as you make it work.
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