Banner Request.

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Banner Request.

Post by Drakel001 on May 6th 2012, 12:43 am

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this but my internet was off during my last request so I couldn't have the chance to keep it up and let the designers see my request. Soooo.... Here it is Smile

Nature of the Creation: Drageloc Banner
Size (In Pixels): 300X900 PX (maybe a tad more IF nessessary)
With or Without Animation: With Animation...

(Go here for what the Annimations look like)

For the Text I would like it to have something similar to a combination of these two animations...
1) FETGlowAndBurn, For when the text in the Banner starts up. If possible fix it up to where the text doesn't disapear please. If not possible then just say so and I'll understand...


2) FEFGlow That would happen directly behind the shield within the benner.
3) FEFGradientShine would be nice for the Dragon Decal on the Shield. Around the Dragon Decal I would like to have more brighter version of FEFAura in the same color as the Dragon decal.

Main Colors: Blues, Tealish colors, Blacks, Silvers, maybe a little gold are the collors that would be apreciated for the Banner.

Pictures & Links:
Center Banner;
1) - I would like the book and the magic part to be at the bottom/center of the Banner, so that it could lead up towards the middle/center of it.

2) - I would like to be the shape of the shield over the magic book... but I'd rather have it stripped from most of it's details (mostly the Stars, and the ribbon for text placed over it of more up if possible.)... I also would like it to have more of a metalic dark blue or a silver or metalic grey color...

3) - Would be on the center of the shield in the, making it visible for the text.

4) , ,, & - would be behind the shield, all with their handles visible, moved and resized to make them look better with a more "Coat of Arms" style. All the swords are in the order I'd like them to be; Top to Bottom = Left, to Right. The First (top) sword would be in a diagonal shape, Handle on top, blade point at the bottom. The Second one should be Right next to it, towards it's right. The Third sword should be in a complete virtical angle, alligned with the tip center and bottom center of the shield. The Fourth should be next to the third, directly between the third and last. The last should be on the last (bottom) sword would be also in a diagonal "angle", handle on top (like all of the other swords should) and blade at the opposite end... just to help grasp more on what I'm trying to talk about (but sadly failing to do so) here is another pic that may help grasp the idea of the swords... .... Now place the Shield infront of those swords and then replace those swords with the ones I'd like to have and there is what I'm trying to talk about lol..l

5) Infront but on top, before the tips of the shield but still high enough to not affect the Dragon symbol... On it shall hold the text "Drageloc".... If possible please make it more realistic looking.

Text to Insert: Drageloc

Font (Provide Download Link): - Old English Text; Royal

Font Color: EITHER This gold color ( #FFBF00 ), This Tealish color ( #00CCFF ), OR some other blueish color that would look good in the banner.... whichever the artist decides is best.

Link to My Forumotion Forum:

Extra Comments:
1) Please try and make the banner Text font fit oly a small area outside the shield while also making it eassily visible.
2) If possible, please make the images of the Banner flow togeather as best as one possiably could... as if it all came as one from the beggining (or as well as you could)...
3) If you NEED more room for the banner I'm willing to corroporate with a slightly larger Banner. Smile
4) There is a lot going into this banner, so please don't rush and take all the NESSESSARY time you need.
5) A lot of things looks prety fake to me, kinda more cartoonish then I'd like, so if possible can the artist make them a tad more realistic looking... (in example, the Scroll paper ribon, the shield, and the fourth and last swords.)... if not that's still ok and acceptable.
6) Please have fun and enjoy creating my banner; I did try and let there be room for self creativity of the artist designing it as well, so if they feel inspirered to do something onto it (like on the background, corners, ect...) Be my guest... as long as the orgigginal idea is kept I'm good.

To end this off I'd like to give a special thanks to the artist(s) who decided to take part in creating my banner. Thanks for the help if you're willing to accept working on it. Smile

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Re: Banner Request.

Post by Mike on June 2nd 2012, 5:25 pm

duplicate request. trashed.

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