New update : improvement of the newsletter.

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New update : improvement of the newsletter.

Post by Shadow on May 10th 2012, 5:20 pm

Improvement of the newsletter

Hello dear users ! Very Happy

Forumotion's proud to share with you a new update setted up to make your newsletter more useful and effective. cheers

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This small improvement should make you write your newsletters more easily. Now, you'll receive the newsletter that you've just written to your email address to preview it as your members will see it !

The aim of this update is to have the exact rendering of the newsletter that you have prepared in order to avoid errors before sending to members.

So, here are the steps to write your newsletter :

Step 1

Admin Panel >> General >> Newsletter, put in your newsletter the content that you want, chose the text and the layout. You have 2 options then, preview it (which is a classic preview from the Admin Panel) or send the newsletter.
When clicking this button, you get to step 2.

Step 2

At this step, you can add or modify the text to replace the HTML content for the ones of your members who can't see the HTML content with their emailboxes.
If that's OK, you can now click on "Send the newsletter".

Step 3

The newsletter has been sent to your email address and you can now check how your members will receive your newsletter. If you are satisfied of the result, you can confirm the send of the newsletter.

We hope that this improvement will help you take care of your forum, see you soon for a new update always with the aim to improve the quality of our services ! salut bye

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