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In progress HELP!

Post by Mr Weed on May 12th 2012, 10:17 am

Hello, everyone!
I have a problem with a forum owner. I created a header for the forum, and before I added it, we deal, if I leave he can remove MY header.

This guy is threat me, because I ask him to remove it, because its mine, my copyright! Please help me, I can't do anything, and he abuse with my header. Sad

Mr Weed
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In progress Re: HELP!

Post by Base on May 12th 2012, 11:07 am


Please change the title of your topic, that is related to your question/issue, so that other users will be able to find their question/issue using the search engine.

I am not completely sure what you're asking. However, if you would like to report a forum for any illegal activity then please see this topic:

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In progress Re: HELP!

Post by kirk on May 15th 2012, 5:02 pm

So you are saying you created a forum header/banner logo or something that the owner can use while you was there, But if you leave he can no longer use it and you own the copyrights to it.

Well first i would try to compromise with the forum owner to remove it or you will be forced to report the forum to forumotion litigation's due to a copyright infringement violation.

Then if he dose not remove it, You will have to report it to forumotion litigation's and provide documentation or other official record stating you in fact own the copyright and do not allow it to be used free for use.

Fell free to send him the link to this thread as well, The bottom line is if you own it and can provide official documentation showing you own the rights. Then he will have to remove it from his forum if you no longer wish to allow him to use it.


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