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Post by Raph95 on January 19th 2008, 7:02 pm

Forum Q

Hello, mates!

Looking for some Windows Application, Game, Movie, TV Show, Toon, Anime, Music, E Book, Tutorial or anything other? Try looking at our site, it might help you! Even you don't find it, feel free to request - somebody might have got it! Also that is place to chill out, make new friends, and everything that you like! We have the following Categories:

Announcements & Updates
Every update and announcement, like member of month contest, opening new category etc. will be shown here. Check it regularly - there might be something important to read. If you have a question about the Forum, you can ask in sub-forum. All posts that non-admin/mod members made in the main category, will be locked and moved to Bin. Sub-forum: Questions and Suggestions: If you have any question about updates and announcements, or even rules, you can ask it here. If you have any suggestion forum our board, also you can suggest it here, but in the title add prefix [Suggestion]. Accepted and denied requests will be moved into a special category in Bin. Before posting new suggestion, look at the Bin a little. Also, if you are asking something, visit our FAQ first.
Introduce yourself
All new members can introduce their selves here. If you only want to say thanks to Forum, don't open theme. Tell us more about you, what are your hobbies, what music do you like etc. All themes will be locked and moved into Bin a week after opening it. That is enough time to say Hello! to everyone.

All latest (and older, of course) windows applications go here...
Share your favorite games with all members of ForumQ! And don't forget that console games go in the sub-forum... Sub-forum: Console Games: If you have any game from Sony Playstation, Sega, or whichever console, upload it and post it here! Everyone would be thankful to you...
Share the latest movies with us! Please note that TV Shows, Toons and Anime go in sub-forums... Sub-forums: TV shows: All TV shows goes here. Please, write in the topic title the season and episode (S01E01 or 01x01). If you have complete season, than just write "Title - Complete Season 1". All topic that have names like "The coolest TV Show" will be locked and moved to Bin. Toons: All cartoons go here. Anime: Here post links about Japanese toons - Animes, that are last years becoming more popular and popular.
All albums (or just a single song) go here... Don't forget to name the album if you are posting only one song.
E-Books & Tutorials
All tutorials and books go here. Happy reading!
Haven't found the right section where to put your uploads? Than open new topic here!

Haven't find the Windows application you are looking for? Maybe someone got it! Request it here and let's hope anybody will help you!
Can't find some game in our Games Downloads sections? Why don't you request it here, you can never know, if someone got it!
Movies / TV Shows / Toons / Anime
Here you can ask for uploading movies, TV shows, toons or anime... I'm sure someone got them!
Looking for more songs to install in your iPod? There are no good songs in our Download section? Give it a try! Maybe someone got this rare album you're looking for!
E Books & Tutorials

What? You have read all your books? And all books sucks there in our download section? Ask for a book here! Don't know how to do something? Give it a try, maybe we know!
So, anything other you're looking for? What are you waiting for? Post your request!

And many more...

The forum is right know in construction, so maybe some times you can't access it, but once we are done, with help of yours we are going to be the best download-forum!

Category: Misc
Language: Right now we have only English, but soon we will start international category. You can lead it!

There are also much more things coming soon!!

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Re: Forum Q

Post by SLGray on August 8th 2015, 10:13 pm

Since the link loads a different forum link, this topic will be sent to the garbage.

When your topic has been solved, ensure you mark the topic solved.
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