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Post by nextlevelgaming June 25th 2012, 8:12 pm

Would like to make the profiles for my members easier for each member. alot of my members dont seem to be very computer literate. Id like to make it have a notification when they get a friend request, an accessiable list of friends kind of like facebook. Now dont get me wrong i do not want to make this like facebook, alot of my users are facebook members so they like the feel. All I mean is say they have a like called "friends" and then there is a list of images with their friends names as well.

Im sure I could figure out the css and so forth to add or what not, though I kind of like to know if there is already a post of profile customization and what not. Also Id like to make it when they click the profile link a new window opens without modules and header and footer in that page. Which most likely id have to make a whole new html page. If anyone could help where to find these codes and what not this would be helpful

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