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Post by kitalah on January 21st 2008, 8:02 am

hello all,

first of all, i would like to apologize about my english...

Okay the matter is in my country, Malaysia there is a very popular Forum that is called Cari Forum, you can see it here

the forum have over 110K members and it is very popular that some local artist are joining the forum to chat with the fans, reporters also get the news from the forumers there.

The things that made Cari Forum is so likeable is the credit sytem. Most forum gives rank base on how many post the forumers have, but Cari forum gives rank on how many credit you have. Credit is the core of ranking in Cari Forum.

For example, i'm a new member in Cari Forum and i only post 5 messages, but those 5 message/topics are very good topic, and the moderators there will give me credit. If i get 20 credit per post, then i have 100 credit. Logically, i'm still a newbie because i only post 5 times, but using credit system i have 100 credit and automatically i'm not a newbie anymore.

This is the main reason of why Cari Forum is so popular.

Other than that, the credit system also used to set "reading access" where, moderators can set a topic that only forumers with certain amount of credit can enter so newbies will have motivation to post message to get access to higher "reading access" topics.

Other usage of credit system is, theoretically, moderators can ban spammers by deducting their credit to negative. For example, a spammer with 20 credit post spam messages. A moderator didnt have to contact admin to ban this spammer, he only need to deduct the spammer's credit to -ve points. In Cari forum, those who have -ve credit is ranked "begger". They are not allowed to post, only viewing the forum.

One main advantage of credit system, the forumers will have extra motivation to post good message/topic so that the moderators give them credit. This will create a healthy environment in the forum and ultimately makes the forum a good place to hangout.

My suggestion here is, why can't Forumotion do the same? I'm sure forumotion have the resources to do implement this system in phpbb. I hope forumotion can introduce this feature in the future because it is without no doubt, a very good sytem.

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Post by zinex on January 21st 2008, 9:12 am

this has been suggested before, it is the same as a reputation mod and i have locked this once before. sorry.


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