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Questions about Forumotion

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Questions about Forumotion Empty Questions about Forumotion

Post by Niko Sat 14 Jul - 9:56


I have two questions about Forumotion
1st. Why Can I access to my mailboxes also from ( ?

2nd. Which are the servers company that hosts forumotion?
Is this?

Thanks for your answers thumleft

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Questions about Forumotion Empty Re: Questions about Forumotion

Post by Darren1 Sat 14 Jul - 12:07

Hi Nick!

1) That believe it or not is the original way of accessing your webmails, was meant to be decommissioned with the old admin panel back in 2007.
Guess it stayed, don't know why.
I stand to be corrected here, I'm not 100% sure on this.

2) ForuMotion doesn't use anything like that, plus our servers are far more powerful then any of the ones used by Award Spaces Wink

ForuMotion infact uses Softlayer as our servers, and they are consistently upgraded to improve speeds, security, and space. They are occasionally replaced, which usually happens atleast once a year, and is always carefully monitored by both our Developers & Network Teams, but also Softlayer's deployment team
There was a previous instances where we attempted to change companies, however, that had *hunches* failed terribly, and that company also faced legal issues, I believe.
We have upgraded our servers previously, and have already done an upgrade this year without any problems :wouhou:
We have been using Softlayer since 2002, when ActiveForums (French Service exclusively) was first coming around, still in their ALPHA Stage, but it quickly moved to the BETA and also quickly moved to Release candidate in 2003. The English service started in 2005.

#Leeloo's learning our history Very Happy

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Questions about Forumotion Empty Re: Questions about Forumotion

Post by Ape Sat 14 Jul - 19:04

I Think your talking about when we was going to move over to IBM's servers Darren1 and it all went badly wrong. Questions about Forumotion Ascaso

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