Reporting a problem with a forum you host?

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Reporting a problem with a forum you host?

Post by residentevilforumscontact on July 16th 2012, 10:15 pm

I used to post on a forum you host around 2006, and I admit, I kind of trolled. I wasn't trying to be a troll, at least not at first, but needless to say, I was a jerk and I got banned for it, and it was a well-deserved ban. Well I was about 12 at the time, and now I'm much older and so I decided to rejoin and just apologize, maybe even make amends a bit for the problems I caused.

Almost immediately upon discovering that I was the guy who trolled them back in '06, one of the admins deleted my account, so I was like, "oh well" and carried on with my life, I only really joined to apologize anyway, no big deal. Well now a five months later, I receive a message on Facebook from one of the members, apparently the same admin who deleted my account, had apparently spent the last couple of months stalking me and my family.

The administrator, "NiteKrawler" (his username), started harassing me and my uncle on Facebook. He then publicly posted my name, address, Facebook profile, pictures from Facebook, IP address, and even a map of where I live (and the surrounding area). He also publicly posted my uncle's name and Facebook profile.

When a member of the forum contacted me and told me that he was stalking me and my family, I checked it out and messaged the admin "NiteKrawler," asking him to remove the topic on the forum immediately. He refused to remove it, so I am now contacting Forumotion. Ever since I blocked him on Facebook, he seems to have stopped harassing my friends and family, so right now all I want is for the information to be removed from the forum that you host. Should the information not be removed, I will be contacting my lawyer regarding the issue.

Could a member of the Forumotion staff please contact me to remove the topic in question?

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