Show Members of a Certain Group Widget

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Show Members of a Certain Group Widget

Post by Rune Online on July 26th 2012, 5:07 pm

So I'm sitting here looking at a blank widget source trying to think how this is even possible. I don't know html very much, basically not at all.

What I want to do is get a widget to show a list of members in a group. They don't have to be online, I just want a list of their names saying they're part of this group. Basically the memberlist, but just showing one group without pressing any buttons. I guess a "[ View the whole list ]" like the top posters would be good, so it isn't a massive box of text all the time.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Here's a visual example:

Group Name

In total there are X users in this group

Name1, Name2, Name3

[ View the whole list ]

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Re: Show Members of a Certain Group Widget

Post by nextlevelgaming on July 26th 2012, 5:32 pm

Only problem with this is I believe the variables that are used to show the groups members and information and such are php variables. Those placeholders cannot be inserted into a widget format. You would need to make everything manually.

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