Ranks, Background, Banner.

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Ranks, Background, Banner.

Post by perfectSTORM! on August 8th 2012, 12:00 am

I don't know if I could post a request with more than one thing at a time, but I would like ranks, background, and a banner with all the same design. Like a spiraling vines with leaves on them. Just the background though, no words. I can do the text on my own. Multi- colored though.

Creation Type: Rank/Background/Banner
Size (In Pixels):125x25/800x600/800x600
Primary Colors:Any
Secondary Colors:Any
Images to include:None
Text to Insert :None
Font (Provide Download Link): None
Font Color:None
Link to My Forumotion Forum:tm2international.bigboardlive.com
Username on forum:Silver Cloak
Extra Comments: Just like the actual design of spiraling leaves is all I need, in the sizes provided. Any color is fine. No words. (One of each color please if you can.)

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Re: Ranks, Background, Banner.

Post by Mike on August 18th 2012, 4:24 am


The request you have created has passed 10 days without any reply so, I will move your request to "Completed Graphic Requests".
If your request wasn't complete then you can open a new topic.


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