Clear up concerns about abuses beforehand...

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Clear up concerns about abuses beforehand...

Post by Zamiel on August 16th 2012, 4:04 pm

Active abuses 0
Done abuses 1
Litigations 0

is what I saw in the misc section today, so I did some research...

made me rather scared because from what I understand from posts there:
A) If an abuse is reported, I am not told where this occurred. affraid
B) I am supposed to somehow look through tens of thousands of posts in a very limited amount of time for a violation that could for all I know be a mickey mouse image that violates some copyright.
C) Staff that reply absolutely ignoring concern (B) and constantly restating to "Look over the ToS and make sure everything in your forum abides." which is pretty much an impossible task that would take a month without bathroom breaks or sleep to do.

In some ways im rephrasing that thread because all in all the question was not answered, but rather the timer to litigation ran out and the question became obsolete. Id rather find out and be able to sleep at night knowing that my forum will get taken down for something a user did and I was not even told about.

Now, my actual question: Am I getting the wrong impression of the process and its fairness? If so in what ways and how my statements are incorrect/misinformed.

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Re: Clear up concerns about abuses beforehand...

Post by Shadow on August 16th 2012, 4:44 pm


Abuses and litigations are totally different.

Abuses you received, are sent by users and come directly in your Admin Panel. In fact anyone can send you an abuse to warn you about something that happened on your forum.

Litigations are used for the very serious cases. They are sent to the litigation team, which decides if the complaint is legitimate or not.
If it is, you may receive the complaint or a warning, or, in the worst scenario, your forum's banned because it was completely illegal.

When you receive a warning, like it was the case in the thread you quote, you have to remove the illegal content to avoid the deletion of your forum.


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