My seamless player code doesnt work

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My seamless player code doesnt work

Post by dannykralj on August 17th 2012, 2:23 pm

This is my code: &lt;!--SCM Music Player by Adrian C Shum -;<br>&lt;script type="text/javascript" src="" &gt;&lt;/script&gt;<br>&lt;script type="text/javascript"&gt;<br>SCMMusicPlayer.init("{'skin':'skins/black/skin.css','playback':{'autostart':'true','shuffle':'false','volume':'50'},'playlist':[{'title':'Metal/Rock1','url':''},{'title':'Techno1','url':';feature=iv&amp;src_vid=xVlvXBmHjUU&amp;v=y6u7lkVPM_Y'},{'title':'Narodna1','url':''},{'title':'Metal/Rock2','url':''},{'title':'Techno2','url':''},{'title':'Narodna2','url':''},{'title':'Metal/Rock3','url':''},{'title':'Techno3','url':';feature=channel&amp;list=UL'},{'title':'Narodna3','url':''}],'placement':'top','showplaylist':'true'}");<br>&lt;/script&gt;<br>&lt;!--End of SCM Music Player script--&gt;<br><br>

And I did all that I should do (followed the tut) and after pasting in the html and finishing the process I refresh my forum page and I see (In the player space) just raw html.
+ nothing happens. Sad

Maybe the code is wrong.. I dont know. Im new here so.. Sad
PLS HELP! Tnx in advanced.

Cant belive that the so called "support" hasn't done anything about my problem -.- So much about support! -.-

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