How to make a forum section only available by having the link

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How to make a forum section only available by having the link

Post by ZX on August 20th 2012, 6:25 am

Hi, I don't know whether this is possible or not. But on my forum, I would like to make a section that you can only access if you have the link to it.
The reason I want to do this is because I want to make a "Daily Blog" section, in which people can post a blog about their daily life and just update it whenever they want. The reason I want this section to be link only, is because I want to attach the link to a custom button that would go on the navigation bar, simply because it would not only give it more of a blog feel, but it would save space on the front page of my forum.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: How to make a forum section only available by having the link

Post by Spyro Dragon on August 20th 2012, 6:39 am

Ah yes, Verry Simple, theres multipul ways you can do it.

Go to Ap>>General>>Forums And Catogorys>> then Create a Catgory, or if you allready have one made, such as a blog....Click every Single thats assoisated with that blog and Set ALL permissions to None, exepct "Write Message" Leave that one on ALL or MEMBERS

after you save, Nobody will be able to see it unless they have The Direct Link, witch you can change by

Heres an Example

And if you want it to where only you can see it, go to

Ap >> Display>>headers and navagation>> Create a Costimized Button>> put the link of blog in Redierction Click only Adminstrators can view

Or if you want one Sepreatly for EACH one of your Members, then it gets more complex, You need to Hide Groups, Make a Single Person Group For Each and EverySingle Member that wants a Fourm Journal, id suggest chargeing 1,000,000 Points

But anyways, make a Blog " set it as there name" and set permissions to where only that Group with 1 member in it can see it "

Theres no way of putting 1,000 items in the navigation bar and only 1 person can only see 1 of them, w\e u put in the navi bar everyone can see them, but if you want a button like the navigation bar see this topic

Go to TIPS AND TRICKS, then read Multi Forums in ONE

I was just Thinking

You can have it in the nav bar, Go to

Adminstration panel>>>Display>>>Headers &Navagation, make a customized button, then redriect it to your main page of the Blog , so when they click it it will go to your blog page, as again abouve, make sure that the permissions that members can not SEE this blog, just because members can not see the fourm doesnot stop them from acually seeing it, , Create teh groups, put the members in there groups...So now when they Click your button on the navi bar they will Only see there Journal.
If it still doesnt make since, Contact me or
Thank me by Registering to my forum ^.^

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