Achievements in phpbb2

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Achievements in phpbb2

Post by The Crocodile on August 22nd 2012, 4:11 pm

Hello forumotion. Hello

Its been a while since i needed something, but here i come again with a biGG question.
Is it possible to instal an achievements system on my forum (phpbb2)?
It doesn't have to be a kind of those invision powerboard achievements, but something that works good.
I have my own system at the moment: It relies on members posting and requesting their achievements in a certain topic AND it relies on admins/mods giving the codes for the achievements (they are userbars that members put in their signatures)
Is it possible to install something better than my own? If yes, please provide me with necessary information - what to do?; Where? and all other info.

thanx in advance
The Crocodile

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