Coding on widgets/other things...

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Coding on widgets/other things...

Post by LaLaADMIN on August 26th 2012, 7:02 am

Click This.

1. Do you guys see on this site where it has a : North Horizon Academy Sign that says "To the Moderator Applications"/ an All star slideshow sign?
How do I get that/What the coding for it so I can exactly have that?

2. If you look on the latest topics board/the whose been online in the past whatever amount of hours, it's all in capital letters, how can I make mines in all caps/ Is there a way to install new fonts for the site?
If so, can I have the coding for it?

3. See an important links widget on the side of the site? And it just has links(shorcuts) to important things members need for the site.
What the code for that?

4. Click this.
OK, so I guess this regards the groups:
They have 'North Horizon Academy Freshman' ontop of someone's avatar and then below I guess this is regarding the groups their in.
What's the coding for it or how can I have that?

Thanks guys Smile[

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