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Post by Joost on August 27th 2012, 9:37 am

I had a question on the french support forum you have a navigation bar are, I want something but how did they do that?
Has anyone out there somewhere or state codes for an explanation?


And how is it made​​, if you look you will see that support forum moderators are there somewhere an explanation?

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Re: Navigation Forumactif

Post by DarkGlow on August 27th 2012, 10:37 am


Hmm; that should already be automatically set once you create a forum. However, as for your second screen-shot, you can go to:

1) ACP.
2) Advanced mode.
3) Display tab.
4) Homepage box > Generalities.
5) Quick login display > Top of the homepage.

About your nav bar, there are few options you've probably missed, please go to:

1) ACP.
2) Advanced mode.
3) Display tab.
4) Homepage box > Headers and Navigation.
5) Display only images in the navbar: tick Yes.
6) Menu position: should be in center.
7) Force the navbar to remain on one line: you can pick, I have it as no.

After you've set all of those, create pictures for them in case there isn't; so go to:

1) Display tab (advanced mode).
2) Pictures and colors box > Pics management.
3) Advanced mode.
4) Scroll bit by bit and you'll notice stuff in the lines of:

Index; gallery; FAQ; portal; PM; Usergroups; search; memberlist and etc etc.

Then at the opposite direction, there's a place to insert links on it to upload proper pictures for them. Put any you like!

Good luck.


Oh, sorry; I've forgotten about your last inquiry. Well, that's simply a username that's a moderator over the Codes section. You can do the same. Go to:

1) ACP.
2) Advanced mode.
3) Users & Groups tab.
4) Users box > search user.
5) You can pick a user from the list or put his name into the search function then hit ENTER.
6) Once you've found it, click on the username, then go to the permissions tab.
7) You can see various forums (that you should of previously created), and a square you could tick which has ''Is moderator'' beside it. Simply tick it that's opposed to any forum you want him to control.

Thank you.

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