Problem with Admin security setting

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Problem with Admin security setting

Post by Cliff Jones on September 14th 2012, 11:40 pm

Please bear with me on my Diatribe Hello

Hem I used my password and tried to login and it rejected the used password, I tried a number of passwords, but the security settings are such and are not using correct English syntax , so they are causing me some confusion ( and I'm sure others too!) as to the correct setting. I had to use another Administrator to just get me in to modify what I thought were correct settings. So I again could get into my forum.
In the security settings :

The main problem is the word Disallow, then giving the choice of yes or no.
If I click on yes I now know that the word disallow is a negative word,

So if I say yes then I am committing a negative action to not allow which is an incorrect negative action.

If I say no then I am committing a positive action on a negative question which is also confusing.
---this is called a double negative-- which is incorrect and confusing, I only found out the results when I tried to obtain a new password to get into my forum.

Rather to be correct syntax it should say instead
Allow this to take place then the choice of yes or no
Here's a good example:

Confirm password to administration access : Yes No. (this good,its a positive question)

Disallow "Send by e-mail a new password" to administrators and moderators : Yes No (this is bad its a negative question)

This should be stated as
" Automatically send a requested new password to replace a lost password by Email : Yes No"

This item disallow the use of 'I forgot my password' for administrators and moderators.
It is advised to activate it (if you are sure to not forget your password...). Do you activate it by a yes or a NO? This to, is confusing!
You can always modify your password in 'Profile'..Disallow moderators to ban members : : Yes No. Again Do you activate it by a yes or a NO? This to, is confusing!

Allow moderators to see the hidden users : Yes No (this good,its a positive question)
Final Note: You have two different but apposing ways to ask a question, its not uniform and therefore not correct English and confusing.
I hope I have explained my experience well enough, to understand and also as a suggestion, as a change to consider.
Thank You

Cliff Jones
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Re: Problem with Admin security setting

Post by Jophy on September 15th 2012, 7:52 am


You can report or suggest that here:

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Re: Problem with Admin security setting

Post by anhduypro on September 15th 2012, 10:05 am

oh, tks you

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