Our Roleplaying forum about a medieval city : Alzor empire

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Forum promotion request

Post by tappergal on October 23rd 2006, 7:00 am

1- Category for our forum : Miscellaneaous (Role playing Games)

2- Our Roleplaying forum about a medieval city : Alzor empire.

3-Forum link : http://alzor.activebb.net/

4-English speaking forum

5- The theme of the forum is mostly Alzor, an imaginative hidden country situated in Alagaesia. It is related closely to Eragon saga, as the members need to choose from a list of mystical species such as elves, trolls, gnomes, etc... The characters created by the members can train to become Dragon Riders, and need to roleplay if they choose to own a dragon egg.
In one of the sub-forum can be found a virtual role playing game chat room linked to Sherwood website, and this is the part of the forum where members can gain points and money by killing awefull creatures outside a castle's grounds.
The purpose of this forum is to create a sence of power in one's hand, during a boring holiday or just for entertainment after work. It should improve one's writting and imagination, as we, the administrators are willing to help those who are in need of role playing lessons before getting involved in a hard, long rp.

Screenshots :

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Re: Our Roleplaying forum about a medieval city : Alzor empire

Post by Base on January 11th 2014, 11:34 am

Forum link doesn't exist. Garbaged.

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