Major COnnection Problem with my site

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Major COnnection Problem with my site

Post by Mr. Eddster on October 14th 2012, 8:25 pm

Hi, I am the founder and main mod of my site and I have a major problem...

Right now I was only able to access this site and mine using an alternate IP address. It will not let me access my site, or ANYTHING forumotion from my main IP address. I am the ONLY user on my site having this problem.
When it did allow me to access my site, everything was shrewed. Only avatars showing were gifs, instead of the pucks it was showing big blanks, and where it shows last post, there was writing everywhere. It was totally screwed up. My admin panel was screwed up as well. Sad
I wish I could provide screenshots of what i mean but it wont let me access my site from my normal IP. And when I use this alternate IP address everything is fine!
Lastly, when I am using this alternate IP address, and I try to login using my normal account (I have an admin account and a normal account) it says "We have detected suspicious activity related to your account. To unblock it, please click here and complete the form." And it takes me to a site called I then fill out the form correctly and nothing happens. It just takes me back to step 1.
I dont know if someone has hacked my account, hacked my IP or if I did something wrong with my site? All I know is that
1. I am the only user on my site having this problem
2. I cant access my site from my normal IP address from none of my 3 devices (Phone, IPad, Computer)
3. I havent got any emails from forumotion saying I have done anything wrong

I dont know if forumotion can help, but I am really worried as to what to do Sad This happened on the 12th around 1am EST.
Any help would really be appreciated here! As the head poster and head everything of my site i'd really like to just be able to access my account normally from my main IP.
Mr. Eddster

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Re: Major COnnection Problem with my site

Post by SLGray on October 15th 2012, 12:52 am

When your topic has been solved, ensure you mark the topic solved.
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