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Technical problems

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Technical problems Empty Technical problems

Post by Elcee October 15th 2012, 3:47 am

Re: Can't access ANY Forumotion sites from my home IP?
by Elcee Today at 11:06 am

.iLeo wrote:
Nothing is wrong at your end. ForuMotion is just experiencing some technical difficulties from the servers which is affecting every single forumotion forum.

Shouldn't all owners get an explanatory email when this happens?

Copied this from a thread that has been locked because the first poster's problem was solved. There were other posts in the thread complaining of people not being able to get into their forums and the above was posted. My question still stands: if Forumotion is experiencing technical problems affecting every single forumotion forum, shouldn't the owners get an email to let them know that it's happening?

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Technical problems Empty Re: Technical problems

Post by Sanket October 15th 2012, 6:38 am


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