Multiple Ranks For One User

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Multiple Ranks For One User

Post by lustromlingmech on Fri 19 Oct - 18:23

My forum has ranks based upon the number of posts a person has. But we do have a group called Moderators. We want to put an image under the username saying that we are a moderator. The only way I know of doing this is to make a special rank. However, one of my moderators wants the post-based rank under her username, as well as the Moderator icon. I don't know if we can even have to ranks at the same time. Is there another way to do it? Neutral What the fuck ?!?


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Re: Multiple Ranks For One User

Post by Sanket on Fri 19 Oct - 18:47

Make a profile field for an Image, just like the warning system. Just change the images to moderator/admin ranks etc. It will appear below the avatar image. Just change the order of this profile field to be at the top.

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