How to post rank images.

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Solved How to post rank images.

Post by davidxd33 on October 23rd 2012, 12:11 am

My forum is located here and I would like to have this imported into my forums. I want to have the ranks under the username when posting a topic. I cannot find any help related to that.

I also would like to edit my header;The place with Home, FAQ, LOGIN, Search, etc.
I would like to have my own links on it and if possible replace the words with a picture. For example, In the header I want to have a fancy pictures that says Home, Search, etc. that I will make myself clickable with a link.

Later, I would like to redirect to be forums only. Is that possible?
These are the only problems I have with my forums.

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Solved Re: How to post rank images.

Post by Sir Chivas™ on October 23rd 2012, 12:30 am


to import (create) those ranks, you'll have to read this tutorial:

To edit or change the image of the Navigation Bar: ACP >> Display >> Homepage >> Header & Navigation >> Edit the navigation links, and make sure that this is on: Display only images in the navbar : yes

To get yourself domain you'll have to gain or buy credits. Read more here:

- Please provide your forum URL at all times.
- When the issue is solved, please y it as solved.

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