Theme manager mismatched to Style Sheet

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Theme manager mismatched to Style Sheet

Post by Cloudberry Weaver Rabbit on November 1st 2012, 4:32 am

Administration Panel > Display > Colors
Here, a user is presented with -colors- and -css stylesheet-

My problem is that the values I'm given on the -colors- tab aren't taking the values from the theme I got from hitskin. I'm using the Active 2 skin. The problem I'm having is that the values I'm seeing on the -colors- tab are the same values you get from the Active 1 skin. This is causing a few problems in site uniformity, I think. To be honest, I can't be quite sure from were my problem arises. But the fact remains that the two don't sync.

Is there a way to prevent the -color- tab from affecting the forum site and using only the stylesheet? Or better yet, can I make the -color- tab take all available values from the stylesheet?

In case you need it, here's my url-

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