.MPO files (Please Read!)

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Please add .MPO files to the forums

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.MPO files (Please Read!)

Post by dcj91x on November 9th 2012, 4:25 pm

I originally posted a suggestion to add support for .mpo files to forumotions accepted file types which read:

With 3D and the 3DS become a major (the top selling game system at the moment and the #1 selling system for Monster Hunter the game my forum is about MHWiki Forums), would it be possible to add support for .MPO files to the forums. we currently have image support for .bmp - .png - .jpg - .gif - .tif and .MPO is really just a modifies .jpg file so I don't think it would be too difficult to add and would add a lot of style and support for those 19+ 3ds owners using the built in browser as well as those on a 3D capable computer/3D TV browser and there are many out there.

It would also ad to the Many, many, many videogame related forums that can show off 3D images of games on their sites.

Please consider it forumotion.

Thank you,

I received the response to which I never had a chance to clarify before it was (locked and GARBAGED) which seemed rude and inappropriate.

by Jophy Today at 7:26 am

"I don't understand the suggestion, but here are a few points:

1. You can always ask help/support on the support sections as long as it is related to Forumotion.

2. If this is a suggestion for your forum, please post it on the 'Suggestion for your forums' section.

Also, a poll is necessary when making suggestions.

Suggestion refused & Garbaged"

Explanation: .MPO files are a popular file type that that allow the viewing 3d enabled pictures on devices capable of displaying 3D pictures these devices include the 3DS, and many popular 3D TV's and computes. With many of the current games being produced with 3D visuals as well as movies adding support to the forums to allow for .MPO files would allow for users of 3D devices to view and upload 3d images of these games and movies as well as pictures taken on 3D cameras to our forums for viewing. I feel that this would help in many ways with bringing users of these devices to our forums as well as keeping those of us with forums who support these games, movies and in general would like to offer more options up to date.

Here are a few examples of these sites that can be viewed on the 3DS web browser and other 3D enabled devices such as the ps3 with a 3d capable TV or a 3D capable computer:





Please do not dissmiss this suggestion without consideration and if there is something you do not understand or My explanation is not clear, I am more than willing to explain more.

Thank you,



3D versions of Monster Hunter that my forum suports and that this file type will benifit:

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD with 3D support

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the 3DS

Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS

(Monster Hunter Movie currently talks going on to be in development possibly in 3D as well)

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Re: .MPO files (Please Read!)

Post by Jophy on January 14th 2014, 6:30 am

Suggestion Clean up (3/1/2014)

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Locked & Garbaged

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