Someone Breached Security - Added Sound to Page

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Solved Someone Breached Security - Added Sound to Page

Post by GDION on December 3rd 2012, 4:47 am

Hello, Just wanted to ask for a pointer. I found that someone had added a sound to one of my forum's pages. When you load it, it makes a noise. I scanned the page with HTML scanner and found the insert to be the following.

Page Objects:

1 122978 FLASH Header size = 266 bytes

This person has added a sound to my forum page somehow and I have no idea how to view the code attached to the page to remove it. Assuming FTP is blocked and the HTML page in the Admin panel does not display an editing option.. Or the ability to view a page. The noise linked to the page is in the URL above. If anyone could assist in pointing out how to use the forum to remove the code. As I believe this to be a breach to security, as this person has harassed us in the past, and threatened us with things like this. Only problem... I don't know how to edit the page to remove that... It's embedded in the page somewhere. How can I remove this? The longer this stays here, the worse. As it is vulgar and the website is meant to be friendly to users. I'd prefer to be told how to fix this myself is possible (how to connect to and where to find the ability to remove this) rather than have to contact the forum service for them to do it for me. Unless there is no alternative.

Webpage infected:


PS: On a side note, isn't this sort of thing illegal to do? Hacking into websites or exploiting them for malicious intent. Since we have the website name ( ) can't I / forumotion press charges? Or have it shut down? This person has become quite the pest. And we did not even do anything to the person. Besides ban them when they were aggressive / threatening. I express caution to those viewing the ["hackers"] webpage, as the person might pose a threat to you if you visit the page and give packet / IP information..

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Solved Re: Someone Breached Security - Added Sound to Page

Post by SLGray on December 3rd 2012, 5:57 am

It is in the signature of the post by thegamer542. Go to this member's profile and scroll down to the bottom and press the profile link which will load the profile page in the administration panel. Scroll down until you see the signature. You should be able to see what is in the signature.

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Solved Re: Someone Breached Security - Added Sound to Page

Post by Jophy on December 3rd 2012, 8:28 am

Since the topic was marked solved...

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