How Upload a game on a HTML Page?

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How Upload a game on a HTML Page?

Post by H5F-Founder on December 15th 2012, 4:36 pm

How do I, make a HTML Page run a game, that built on a Game Engine Called Unity?
And, do I need more more MB Space to do so? Since I have 20MB.

And if you need mine, forum Link just ask, me thx!

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Re: How Upload a game on a HTML Page?

Post by gamesave on December 16th 2012, 8:39 am

well, this is what i did.
Went to>>searched a game called gangsta bean>>clicked on the link that said "Play this game in the size of your screen or download it">> Takes you to the media link and is now full screen, almost like the game is made into the browser>>then got a iframe html code like so,
<title>Gangsta Bean</title>
<body bgcolor="#a7e515">
 <iframe src=""  width="1250" height="540"></iframe>
>> and bam got the game bro!

But if its our own game then if its just an html coded game or a swf file just upload it to the file content of your forum and make it a page.
If this didnt help well im sorry i really dont know gaming for PC! So your S.O.L Sad

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