Proposal: RPG/Profile PHP Variables

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Proposal: RPG/Profile PHP Variables

Post by delmark12 on December 17th 2012, 11:58 am

This idea just come up because i really needed this, and also many users already asked about this.

Good Day! I would like to propose this because i am developing a program. I want to get the value of the rpg info or profile info from the logged user.

By this, forums can integrate into a software apps platforms without using mysql or any database software.

I have read the official php variable list:

This is my idea on how admins can manage php variables:
*Existing PHP Variable Names are not allowed to be used in creating new PHP Variable Name
*PHP Distinct Identity on Variable depends on the type if profile info / rpg info [user_fieldname1 | urpg_fieldname1]

Informations to be used are:

User Group Membership
Reputation & Points
RPG Fields
Profile Info Fields (Please also include the Avatar Image Link)

Whenever this suggestion worked, this will be its opportunity:

*Admins develop software games integrating with forumotion website.
*More personalized website.
*Forum Games using user info by scripts.
*etc. ^_^

Plase BUMP this UP!! Support this! and also suggest for improvement!
And also please fix fb login. >.<
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Re: Proposal: RPG/Profile PHP Variables

Post by Jophy on January 14th 2014, 6:46 am

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