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"Critical Error"

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"Critical Error" Empty "Critical Error"

Post by MadSkilllz March 21st 2013, 6:02 am

Ok so I need a little help with my forum. I was editing threads and then i closed my laptop for about 30 minutes while in the "new topic" mode posting something then when i came back and tried to post it said "could not send" Then i went to my forum and hit one of my Forums and it said "Critical error" i went back and clicked another one and it also said "Critical error" then i tried them all and they all had the same result what could I do? Is there a way to fix it without deletion and restarting because i worked really hard on it.

Here is the link to my Forum:

Here is a screen shot of the error: "Critical Error" UsY3RvJ

Sorry to be a bother :/

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"Critical Error" Empty Re: "Critical Error"

Post by SLGray March 21st 2013, 6:51 am

"Critical Error" Slgray10

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