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How to show users when a user is banned?

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In progress How to show users when a user is banned?

Post by HawkEyed94 March 24th 2013, 1:10 pm

Now, for my forum, I want to add the feature where if you click on a profile, it says if the user is banned. I have ideas:

(Sorry if I used a RICH text feature that was reserved for moderators (i.e. coloring and bolding). I assure you, mods, that it was an accident and I am sorry for it.)

Idea #1:

It would say "Banned" in a red coloring right next to the user's username but only if that person was banned.

Example: TestAccount (Banned)

Idea #2:

Just above the username, there would be a red warning box with white text saying "This user is currently banned.".

Example (Again sorry if the following example is reserved for mods):


Either way is fine, and I do not care which one you give the code to, except I like Idea #2 better. In advance, I'd like to thank you very much for helping me out with this. And again, I did not intend to use an editing feature that was reserved for the mods.
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In progress Re: How to show users when a user is banned?

Post by Base March 24th 2013, 1:18 pm


There isn't an automatic way as far as I know, but you could add a warning bar system like the support forum. Whenever members are banned, we change the warning bar to 'Banned' to indicate that the user is banned. This, of course, is a manual system.

You can read this topic for more information:

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