Problem With Google Analytics

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Problem With Google Analytics

Post by Playoonz on April 8th 2013, 3:38 pm

Hi, my forum at had a tracking code which was not the one shown on the analytics account, so I changed it without making a note of the old tracking number. I used to get email reports showing the visitor stats into my inbox but now I do not get anything, I have the correct setting in Analytics for multiple domains and sub-domain use, it has been set for a few months now but every single visit to my forum is not logged or counted in Analytics, I obtained 30 twitter visitors on Sunday 6/4/2013 and my analytics is showing as 6 which were to my main domain not the sub-domain the forum is on and I no longer get any email reports.

Can anyone help me correct this as it would be nice to monitor the actual visits so I can track marketing campaigns to monitor those which have a greater impact over others.

Thanks in advance

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