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Generated Navbar To List Navbar

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Generated Navbar To List Navbar Empty Generated Navbar To List Navbar

Post by KMJP April 27th 2013, 11:50 pm

I do apologize I had no idea on how to title this topic

  1. Forum Version is PHPBB2
  2. My problem is the Navigation Messages, Login & Register
  3. I know I can edit these in CSS but my problem requires me to edit both CSS and HTML

I have no appearance problems, so thank you Forumotion for HTML preview

This Is The General Structure Of The HTML I Wish To Use

<div class="">
<ul class="">
<li class="">
<a class="" href="">
<span class=""></span>

Span is needed although I can edit the a.mainmenu there is just certain names I don't like (You have no new messages) witch I would rather just say Messages and I can not change this in the Header & Navigation so an image would be needed unless using span.
I know the HREF tags there listed in Headers & Navigation.

My Problem

In using the span I take away all functions of the GENERATED_NAV_BAR such as the switch from a logged out view to logged in view also the permissions of users to see certain navigation links, the switch is needed from the logged out view of the navigation bar to the logged in view, permissions would be handy.
And then there is messages when you get a new message it will still display Messages rather than change and say New Message or flash is there a way to also keep this function so that the Messages change to new message.?

Basically keeping the functions of the GENERATED_NAV_BAR

I know I can just simply create the navbar in Photoshop and do all buttons there save it and cut it up then give it a mouseover effect but this would not help with new HTML pages you can create also i know a simple transparent image with just text across would work but then the option of drop-down menus is eliminated. I dont wont to destroy my navigation background image with overlaying images.
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