Registration / Login Problems - Multiple Members

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In progress Registration / Login Problems - Multiple Members

Post by SilverlaStMichael22 on April 29th 2013, 4:04 pm


I started a small forum quite recently which is mainly intended as a platform for online learning:

I have had login problems reported now from two members. They receive an error message saying the username or password combination is incorrect (they insist they are entering them correctly).

I have fixed this with them by resetting their password and telling them to login with their new password. But then one of the same members came back to me yesterday to say it's not working again. The lady concerned is on Firefox, but I too am on Firefox and have no problems either with my admin account or with my testing account.

Some people don't have any problems at all accessing the forum and I have checked through the admin panel twice and cannot see anything that could help. I have it set to "yes" for "default automatic login status", but I've also tried it on "no" with no change. I have "allow new members" set to "yes". It is currently set to user activation (clicking link in confirmation email) - I am wondering whether it would work better on automatic activation but then I worry about spammers getting in more easily.

Additionally, two members attempted to register yesterday and it did not work - both at around the same time, just before 8pm GMT, to try and gain access to a workshop I held there last night. They didn't receive the confirmation emails with the validation link, and the forum had not created accounts for them as I would have been able to see this in the admin panel. One of them has since managed to register. What could the reason for this be? There were five members online at the time, obviously, for the workshop, and I wondered if when the forum is busier some things just don't work as well, or whether there is some other known issue for that time last night? The registration issue has not come up before.

Any help or insight would be much appreciated.

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In progress Re: Registration / Login Problems - Multiple Members

Post by Sanket on April 29th 2013, 5:39 pm

Please don't use bold or color. Please keep to the default text. This is reserved for the staff for moderation.

Maybe, that user is typing in the incorrect password. Nothing else can really justify it, as you don't face the problem.

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In progress Re: Registration / Login Problems - Multiple Members

Post by APE on April 29th 2013, 10:13 pm

Best thing to do is to send them a new password and ask them to change it them self when logged in there account tell them to make a note of the password as it is when they change it. making sure any cap's and numbers are in the right place.

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