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Post by MikeR on April 30th 2013, 4:44 pm

Maybe someone can direct me to the right way to approach this. The purpose of the forum is the study of a set of books (the Talmud). So we've set up a bunch of sub-forums, one for each section of the Talmud, and sub-sub-forums, one for each book of the sections. So users can go to Sukkah, for instance, which is one book in the Talmud, and post questions and insights about Sukkah.

My question: What I'd like is if they could enter in the page number as part of their posting, Sukkah 19b, say. And, that other users could quickly find that page. Or even be able to list out posts in order of page number, to sort of have a map of the posts through that particular book. That way someone studying that book, instead of searching for a topic and hoping he gets the description right, can just look and see what there is to see on 19b.


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