My Forum has been hacked

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In progress My Forum has been hacked

Post by Flip on May 5th 2013, 4:37 am

Someone has hacked my forum and is spamming everywhere daily for the past few days. I know its been hacked and not just a regular member spammer because they are creating threads in a locked area where there isn't even a "create new thread" button to start threads. So they have somehow gained access to the admin panel, I believe.

I started deleting some of the threads the other day but it was quite tedius/tiresome so I stopped. Then today I notice a bunch more new ones created. So its clearly not just a one time thing and is going to be an ongoing issue if I don't do something.

I really have no idea why anyone would go through the trouble of hacking a forum as small as mine, with such little viewers, just to spam advertisements everywhere when so few ppl are going to see it. But I just wanted to know what the best way to go about handling this is?



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In progress Re: My Forum has been hacked

Post by tommycoo on May 5th 2013, 5:16 am


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In progress Re: My Forum has been hacked

Post by Jophy on May 5th 2013, 9:33 am


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