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Ego check

Post by TempKlien on May 22nd 2013, 5:21 pm

Um, wow. i come here trying to get my log in that i lost for my forums. I posted a suggestion in forums with a change that would have helped me at least and a member of staff puts it in the garbage after not even up for 2 minutes?

I don't visit "this" forum often but if you got 17 yr old power trip kids modding like that here... just wow. I mean it would have helped me at least but heaven forbid the Admin here might see it and maybe implement it.

You can hide, delete, garbage this one too jophy, idc. cuz this is directed at you, only u need to see it. you need to get yourself in check. I don't see how your helpful at all by trashing "noobs" requests.

And on my other topic you so kindly locked after giving me your link i already had I could have told you I needed 2 posts to pm a staff member, your link i already read b4 posting.

Lock and get last word in, guess that's your style?

not here 5 mins and can see you got a real problem with authority.

absolute power corrupts absolutely.

think i will find a way to contact the admin of these forums and let him know how helpful you really are.

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Re: Ego check

Post by Sir Chivas™ on May 22nd 2013, 6:23 pm


If you're having enough issues with or have complaints to any of the staff members here you can please PM Sanket.

His profile:

If it was a suggestion, maybe try to explain and give some pros to this. Then maybe the Administrator might have gave his point of view. Also, add a poll if its a suggestion.

However, please be respectful and don't start a flamewar between a staff member.

For now please don't response to this and contact Sanket, a Manager will close this shortly. Wink

- Please provide your forum URL at all times.
- When the issue is solved, please y it as solved.

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Re: Ego check

Post by kirk on May 22nd 2013, 6:36 pm

TempKlien take it easy there cowboy Razz , The two post rule is to help with reducing any spam bots and spammers. You had two post in soon as you sent the message with your screen shot. There is no need for all that staff bashing and complaining, Please be sure to read all forum rules,All you had to do was make a couple post replies in forums discussions section and that would have given you the other post you needed to send a pm.

Whatever the case you now have three post in and can pm one of us designated staff members that are authorized to send a new pass word.

Please be sure you provide your forums link and the email address the forum was created with.

Thread now locked and will be moved to the garbage


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Re: Ego check

Post by Jophy on May 23rd 2013, 5:33 am


May I just explain Wink

I thought that your thread was meant for earning 2 posts, I just misunderstood it and sorry for the wrong judgement. Threads are being locked and garbaged if it's not following the rules and sometimes misunderstood by the staff members.

Also, before making a suggestion, please read the rules of this section first(make sure to add a poll and clarify that it's a suggestion). Wink

And of course I'm not perfect and the rest of us here which is why we make mistakes, you can instead send me a PM or an admin if you have a complaint against me or a staff member.

I do apologize for the trouble caused.

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