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Forumotion Vs. Proboards

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Forumotion Vs. Pro-board

Post by socialize on May 24th 2013, 6:31 am

Hello! Hello
I want to know everyone's opinion about these two services. Share the pros/cons of one another. Say what you like and dislike about the two (at least 1 example.)
Exclamation Please don't have disagreements and fight between the difference of shares. I really do want to know why forumotion is a better place, and how the staff can make it way better!

Pros: Forumotion
- Outstanding Support from staff, but their users too!
- great Admin Panel with layout and encouragement to administrate your forum.
- Different forum versions
Cons: Forumotion
- hmmmm idk maybe only 1 forum a email. I really would love to create my forum in spanish LOL!

Pros: Pro-boards
- Can edit the forum a bit more
Cons: pro-boards
- Confusing admin panel.
- poor/non support.
- not that many themes to choose from!
Lets see who wins! Everything has their pros/cons!

Just your opinion everyone tried different forum services, did all that and i love forumotion. Also If I'm not allowed this topic please trash this! I hope you don't decrease my warning or anything. You may trash if I'm not allowed to talk about stuff like this.

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Re: Forumotion Vs. Pro-board

Post by GodzillaV2 on May 24th 2013, 6:36 am

Forumotion is def better from all the host boards i've tried. I've been to zetaboards, freeforums, and forumotion and out of the three, Forumotion is just a tad better. I don't like how Onlineguardian just takes your site down but IMO forumotion just fits the description. I've never tried probaords, nor am i interested, there themes are not so great plus i think it's a little old-school. Forumotion is the new trend.


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Re: Forumotion Vs. Pro-board

Post by luiz187 on May 24th 2013, 6:40 am

Forumotion is better but it could use some improvements to make it as good as G+ (My ultimate goal) and i have a Q how do i change the popup message that comes up upwhen i go on this or my site. Click my link and you'll see what i mean. I cant get rid of it!!! [][/url] sorry i got off topic but i cant create topics Sad

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Re: Forumotion Vs. Pro-board

Post by Sanket on May 24th 2013, 6:44 am

We won't be allowing comparison threads about a different service. Sorry.
Thread Locked.

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