Blocking objectionable ads

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Blocking objectionable ads

Post by MikeR on June 2nd 2013, 4:00 pm

Is there a way to screen the ads? Most of them are just annoying but no problem, but some of them are going to kill my forum. It's (mostly) for Orthodox Jews, so ads like the one I saw today ("undress me") are going to make people go away and never come back, and tell their friends not to come back either. Is there any way to screen for "child-friendly" ads? This one issue is going to force me to move the forum elsewhere.

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Re: Blocking objectionable ads

Post by Derri on June 2nd 2013, 4:24 pm


The only thing you can really do is remove them via credits.

If you can provide a the ad link and a screenshot and send it to a staff member here then the forumotion staff might be able to do something.

You can read more here about this.

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Re: Blocking objectionable ads

Post by kirk on June 3rd 2013, 10:04 pm

Yeah the undress me ad is a little mis leading but is nothing pornographic at all, even the add it self is just a image of a fully dressed girl,it's only the catch phrase of the advertisement that may sound misleading.

Considering there is nothing wrong with the ad it's self.There is really no way for forumotion to have it pulled from the goggle ad list. When using ad-sense Goggle has a list of categories of the types of ad's to choose from, So forumotion only uses category's that are web friendly/appropriate. If ad's such as the Undress me add are in web friendly category, it would have to be up to Google to remove them because all are generated from the ad's list goggle have in any given category.

Other then Google removing them. All i could suggest is the same thing Derrie has said above to buy credits to remove all ad's, or may be find a good blocker for whatever browser you and your members may be using.

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