Protected Post Missing - Technician Needed! Thank You

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Protected Post Missing - Technician Needed! Thank You

Post by smitsmit on June 5th 2013, 7:04 pm

If one were to look at the top of this page, there is a page called "those remembered within, showing 1 reply" if you click on it, you will only see one post. This is after the page has been backed up 3 months. I have no idea what happened to this post as the security logs show no deletion unless I were to click on it right now, see the reply go to 0, and just see the music player (which had been the second (reply)) post. Yet for some reason once this is done, the previously blank security log for this page (eg no deletions) shows user: GraveGuard as having deleted it at the exact time in which the backup occurred. GraveGuard did not log into the forum that day, nor has for months.

It would be very helpful if anyone could help me recover this information. It was not deleted, and even if so, by rights should be appearing if the forum is backed up to March. and a reply post is showing as it does now until I click on it, (which would suggest at least two posts are there and the reply is that of the music player) The information was put together over months of interviews and years of work.

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Re: Protected Post Missing - Technician Needed! Thank You

Post by Codyy on June 8th 2013, 4:09 am

Hello smitsmit,

The kind of information that is related to this, could only be answered by one of the technicians, or administrators, of ForuMotion. I'm not sure why a staff member hasn't flagged down one of those members yet, as this is something a typical moderator, or user at my level, could answer.

I'm sorry about the confusion and errors that you are experiencing on the Motion.

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