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In progress (Only Topic!) New Editor

Post by TWYLYGHT June 12th 2013, 3:34 pm

First topic message reminder :

Is there a way to opt of this new editor? If not is there a way to at least set the smiley's back to the old way. They are hard to see even with the mouse over feature. Any member we have with poor eye sight will not be able to use them. I ware glasses and it's hard for me to make head nor tails on the smileys.

Thanks in advance for a quick reply.

A few solutions for the problems.

Smiley Problem:

For the editor not appearing Problem:

For turning off the WYSYIWYG by default:

For the Quote problem, cursor still remaining in the Quote box


For changing the font color in the reply box [Working for phpbb2]

For changing the background color in the reply box [Working for phpbb2]

Currently the editor has bugs related to posting via mobile operating systems. Will advise not to use them, until they are fixed. Regret the Inconvenience.


To add an image to the text editor, add this to your CSS:
 .sceditor-container iframe, .sceditor-container textarea {
          background-image:  url("IMAGE'S URL") !important;
          background-position:  center center !important;
          background-repeat:  no-repeat !important;

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In progress Re: (Only Topic!) New Editor

Post by VampireWicked July 11th 2013, 7:39 am

@Sanket wrote:@VampireWicked: I am confused about the problem you face.
On my forum our message body window/text window without WITHOUT Java script is very small/narrow/tiny
(Only Topic!) New Editor - Page 34 234b60099d851984ad41bb6881d673ff

Even the quick reply window/text window is very small/narrow/tiny
(Only Topic!) New Editor - Page 34 F32208fbfbf9d830a5cc351f308b7621
Both are seen this way by PS3 browser & the mobile devices used by our members.

NOW before this unnecessary update by you or whomever, everything was viewed as normal like here.......
(Only Topic!) New Editor - Page 34 2026b7b704bdec76c2d62144bfc44fd4

My forum's quick reply window & message body window was the size as this forum's quick reply window. Viewed by the PS3 browser & mobile devices as normal size with Java script OFF
So is there a solution ?



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