Age Restrictions and Adult Conten

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Age Restrictions and Adult Conten

Post by Bluangel on June 19th 2013, 12:12 pm

Age Restrictions and adult content

I have a question that I just can't find in the rules or Faq's.  probably right in front of my nose but I can't find it.

We are right now just testing your site along with others and my question that I did not want ask in public is about Adult Content.  I would not consider it porn but would contain some nudes, not explicit content.  More along the lines of nude photography or nude art.  And we would monitor it very close.

Which then brings up my second question about age restricting.  No matter what we don't care to have people on our ovum under the age of 18.

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Re: Age Restrictions and Adult Conten

Post by Sanket on June 19th 2013, 12:19 pm

Its not allowed, sorry.

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Re: Age Restrictions and Adult Conten

Post by kirk on June 19th 2013, 3:02 pm

Nude content would never float on forumotion, i mean if you got one complaint forumotion or onlineguardian would shut it down without notice.

As far as nude art? it depends, like i said if someone was to complain then it would be up to forumotion litigation team or onlineguardian to decide whether it is of a true art form or falls under being too inappropriate for forumotion forums.

As far as age restrictions go, there is no real true way to know if someone is 18 or older or not, i mean you can always add age verification scripts to a HTML page and have it set as your home page before they enter the site, but people can lie. you can also create a necessarily filled field upon registration for people to place their DOB. then check all new members as the join to be sure it is at least of the age 18. but once again people can lie and is really no solid way to verify this unless they had to use a credit card for age verification only. i would not recommend getting into all that.

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