Mysterious BBC Code Share Disappearance.

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Mysterious BBC Code Share Disappearance.

Post by Eloaene on June 21st 2013, 9:35 pm

Created under the old editor a few mos back, I had a topic with various BBC code boxes listed, all in one topic but separate boxes. 

Today, I went back to try to edit one of the codes listed and as soon as it all came up in the new text editor, most of my original text was missing, leaving only the top code to remain. When selecting preview or save either one, it saved only the first code that was in the original text.

Booo. Sad, broken topic. Sad

Since then, I've been back through to re-add the various codes to the post, but each time, even if the preview shows multiple [code] boxes, when I select Save post, the topic will not save with multiple [code] boxes. Each time, it deletes all other input after the first code box, saving only the one code and whatever came before it.

Is this a known issue with the new editor, that only one [code] box can be created per topic? Or is it an issue of the old and new editor not playing well together, since my topic had been created under the old editor? 

Am I stuck creating a new topic for each code i want to share?

[Note: yes, BBC code is turned ON]

Thanks for any help anyone may be able to offer.


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Re: Mysterious BBC Code Share Disappearance.

Post by Jophy on June 23rd 2013, 4:41 am


If you mean buttons placed on the editor(that were lost), it's an issue with the latest editor update, in fact we also lost one button on our editor here on the support forum since the last editor update, other than that, all issues should be posted on the only topic.

@Jophy wrote:
@Jophy wrote:Hello,

Please proceed to the (Only topic) of the problem:

All issues and updates about the new editor are being updated there.

I'll lock this thread now.

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